I'm still getting used to actually posting my blogs online. For years I just wrote them and saved them in a nondescript folder somewhere never to be seen or read by anyone.
I spend a lot of time criticizing myself, and being a woman I am naturally inclined to overthink almost everything.  So it is of no surprise to me that I am constantly wondering if my blog is good enough?  Is it even a little bit interesting to someone out there?  When will I know?  I haven't been able to shake the feeling that it's... well, boring.
Today, while I was using my dedicated time alone to think, aka driving to fetch my kids from school, I decided that it is boring.  I don't think I would read this blog if it wasn't my own.
Am I being too harsh on myself?  I don't think so. I am just being honest about it.  In a world where the online space is over crowded and super fast, there is no way I am going to attract attention to an "okay" blog.  Yes, I'm still a beginner so to speak and I know that results take time, but it's in my nature to be just that little bit different from the others.  
I'm glad I've realised this now because it's saved me a lot of time writing stuff that is just as noticeable as the blog pieces I saved in the past and never shared - I hardly even read again myself.
So I guess this is it then... let's see what I can do.
Shit!  My coffee is cold now.
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