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Passion and Fudge

My sweet victory #PartOne

There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. - Nelson Mandela
I am overwhelmed at the way my life is changing and the speed in which it's doing so.  In fact, the last four days alone have left me reeling in the best possible way. This is all because I took the driver's seat and didn't allow anybody or anything (like self-doubt) to creep in.  The result is that it paid off in a way I could not have ever expected!
My bold move landed me the job I have been dreaming of. My goal of getting out of my mundane and barely challenging corporate job has arrived!  I have had to ignore many critics along the way and sadly I have even lost some friendships.  I have been exposed to ridicule and great opposition from those who thought I was ridiculous for even thinking I could do it.  My aspirations were seen as silly pipe dreams. But never to me.  I refused to give up on it.  I refuse to accept an ordinary existence when there is greatness inside of me.
Passion changes everything.
I didn't stop talking about it and I shared my aspirations with anybody who was listening. I ignored the critics and brushed off the snide remarks. I carried on working at it at every single day. The hard part was waiting.  Waiting for the day I could finally say "I did it".  
This week has opened up a remarkable door for me and I believe it's the first door of many more. The journey has officially begun and the most liberating part is that I did it all on my own. I did it without the help of the ones who blatantly ignored my potential and it's because of those obstacles that this victory is sweeter than a double chocolate caramel coated slice of fudge! 
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